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The former separate Christmas-carol list has now been integrated into the main series below. O magnum mysterium – Victoria O Mirtillo anima mea – Monteverdi Omnes de Saba – Handl O nata lux – Tallis 1   The Contrapunto bestiale which goes with this item is a separate file; see under Contrapunto. 2   Special version edited by Sheila Farmer          3   Special version edited by Nick Wetherall Titles in italics are new files which may take longer to open than the rest. 4 This version has the first repeat written out in full and shows the bass part throughout. I found the 3-page version difficult to navigate and thought others might feel the same. However, the 3-page edition is also available here. 5 This version, devised especially for our use by Nick Wetherall, em- bodies adjustments to the soprano, alto and tenor parts in order to reduce the burden of certain high notes. The bass line is not affected.