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— PRAGUE                          May 2009  —

This, the choir’s first venture overseas, was a five-day tour with two concerts, the first of which was on the day after we arrived, in the Church of St. John the Baptist in Lysá nad Labem, about 50km from Prague. It was a beautiful old church, built between 1719 and 1741, with an organ dating from 1774 and an acoustic to die for.  The local people were so pleased that we had made the effort to come outside Prague to give a concert, which added to our great pleasure in singing there.

prague_view.jpg prague_mural02.jpg prague_wall1.jpg prague_wall2.jpg prague_wall3.jpg prague_choir01.jpg prague_church_a1.jpg prague_church_a2.jpg prague_mural01.jpg
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— FRANCE (Loire Valley)      June 2012  —

Three concerts were given, each to capacity audiences. The first was in the beautiful village of St. Gildas-de-Rhuys, near Vannes (historically associated with Pierre Abelard, twelfth-century radical theologian and ill-fated lover of Héloise), where we sang in the lovely Eglise Abbatiale. The second concert, which we shared with Le Choeur François Rabelais, took place in the private chapel of Le Château de Chavigny, in Lerné, near Chinon. The final concert, which we shared with Ensemble Vocal Hémiole, took place in L'Eglise Abbatiale, La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin, near Orléans.

We are grateful to Peter Crumpler for all but the last three of the following images, taken during the tour.

Please note that the resolution of these images has been reduced in order to save space on the website. To purchase high-resolution images, please contact Peter via his website.

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